NDC created ‘Bawuliar’: Report exposes NDC big men

A report has exposed some leading members of the National Democratic Congress for deliberately hiding behind 28 different accounts with copy and paste techniques to share #Bawuliar tweets.

The report put together by Joy FM indicates that the move was deliberately engineered to destroy the credibility of Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia for political gains.

The report which was mentored by the African Academy for Open-Source Investigations (AAOSI) aimed at combatting disinformation. It found out that leading members of the NDC have made several attempts to exaggerate the ‘Bawuliar’ narrative.

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National Communication Director of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi, Annan Perry and MP kwarteng who are all activists of the NDC have been captured as the main architects of the disinformation.

“We identified Twitter user @sammygyamfi2017 as the second most influential account in respect of the #Bawuliar trend. @sammygyamfi2017 per our checks, used to be the username of the Twitter account of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi.

“Currently, the account’s username is @SammyGyamfi. This is supported by the archived tweets on Wayback Machine, from when the account’s username used to be @sammygyamfi2017,” parts of the report indicated.

The report further indicated that Sammy Gyamfi was part of the top three tweets that initiated ‘Bawuliar’. The report also captured Sammy Gyamfi as being behind the most popular tweet claiming Dr. Bawumia has said Ghanaians can use the Ghana card as travel document.

“The hashtags include #NDCDecides, #NDCPrimaries, #GalamseyGovernment.
“Screengrabs of @Annanperry’s most used hashtags and the Twitter accounts that were involved in pushing the #Bawuliar narrative are heavily connected to each other,” the report added.

It said @SammyGyamfi_ retweeted @Annanperry’s tweets 29 times, and @AnnanPerry also mentioned @SammyGyamfi_ in his tweets 20 times.
“@Annanperry retweeted @MPKwarteng’s tweets 59 times, retweeted @royal1kingly’s tweets 54 times and @Dejoh36’s tweets 53 times.

“Thus, @Annanperry is also strongly associated with @MPKwarteng, @royalkingly and @Dejoh36, all of which are part of the top 5 influential accounts that drove the #Bawuliar narrative on Twitter. Copy pasting technique was used to drive #Bawuliar,” it stressed.

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