Bawumia not interested in Ghana Money – Gideon Boako

Spokesperson of Ghana’s Vice President, Dr. Gideon Boako has indicated that Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia is in politics to ensure that things work for good for the country and not to amass wealth to himself.

He adds that, the Vice president has over the years positioned himself to become one of the most influential persons in Ghana’s Politics and that his ideas can be identified.

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According to him, Dr. Bawumia is currently the best bet for Ghana going into the 2024 election.

“I think Dr. Bawumia has been the most influential person in our politics in terms of ideas and vision. A vision that you can identify with. Politics has moved to politics of ideas, so you need such visionary leaders who have organized themselves well and committed themselves. You can see through them that they are not into politics to amass wealth for themselves. But they are into politics to ensure that things work. That has been the Vice President, working to make sure things are done properly. The people see him to be a unifier,” he indicated.

He adds that Dr. Bawumia’s candidature is an opportunity for the NPP to win more votes in the northern region. He believes that Dr. Bawumia will compete with John Dramani Mahama in the north whilst the NPP maintain votes in its stronghold.

“The NPP has a candidate who is not an Akan, the advantage it brings to the party is that, while there will not be any motivation for an NPP supporter in the Akan area to say I won’t vote for Bawumia because he’s a Northerner and I’m going to vote for a former President John Dramani Mahama who is also a Northerner. You are able to consolidate your gains in your strongholds. Then you leave Dr. Bawumia and Mr. Mahama to fight in the strongholds of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) where they both come from,” he added.

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