Why your visa to Schengen State was denied

Many have fallen victims to visa application denial to Schengen countries. The faults are however pinned down to the applicants who might have refused to do all the necessary checks before applying. Applicants must avoid the below procedures to avoid their visas being denied.

– Criminal records or security risk: The applicant is perceived as a potential threat to public policy, internal security, or public wealth within the Schengen Area.
– False travel documents: The applicant is found to have submitted counterfeit or altered documents.
– Incomplete or incorrect application: The visa application is incomplete or contains incorrect information.
– Inadequate justification for the planned stay: The applicant fails to demonstrate a consistent match between their employment and professional qualifications and their declared financial situation.
– Damaged passport: The applicant’s passport is not kept in good condition.
– Passport invalidity: The applicant’s passport does not meet the criteria set by the Embassy or Consulate.
– Lack of evidential travel itinerary: The applicant fails to present a comprehensive travel plan within the Schengen Area.
– Insufficient financial means: The applicant does not have sufficient means of subsistence or financial resources to support their intended stay.
– Unacceptable birth or marriage certificate: The applicant fails to offer birth or marriage certificates that are accepted by the embassy or consulate.
– Invalid or insufficient travel insurance: The applicant’s travel insurance is considered invalid or does not meet the required criteria specified by the embassy or consulate.
– Lack of presenting proof of accommodation: The applicant fails to provide evidence of where they will be staying during their visit.

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