We’ll develop Ghana with betting tax – NPP

The New Patriotic Government has once again introduced another in Ghana. The new tax which was recently announced will be charged on sports bet and lotto winnings.

Soccer bet and lottery lovers will have to sacrifice ten percent of their winnings to the government in this new tax.

Many Ghanaians, including the National Democratic Congress have expressed their disapproval over the new tax. The NDC for example has indicated that it will organize series of demonstrate to pour out their anger against the government on the new betting tax.

Many Ghanaians who stake bet and lotto have kicked against the tax indicating there has not been any benefits from the many taxes the government has imposed on Ghanaians and as such it was not a good idea to introduce the betting tax.

But it appears the government has already made up plans to begin the new tax policy.

New Patriotic Member of Parliament for Anyaa Sowutuom Constituency, Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi has mounted serious defend at the government for the decision. He opines that every country in the world needs revenue to boost development and that the betting tax is one surest way to see Ghana develop.

“Taxation is one of the most important ways of raising revenue apart from loans and governance is dynamic and during the COVID period, the government realized that many people were spending time online betting and saw it will not be out of place to look at this space too,” the Anyaa Sowutuom MP indicated

Speaking with Citi TV on the big issue, the NPP man indicated that the betting tax will help the country to boost public health and that Ghanaians must reason with the government on the decision.

“This tax is going to help us improve public health. Any revenue that government gets goes to help people at the base. I want to beg the people to reason with the government because if you go to the gaming centre and the electricity is off, it will be something they will call on the government to rectify and so having stable electricity is important,” Mr. Adomako revealed.

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