Unemployment under Akufo Addo at its highest in history today – Mahama

Unemployment in Ghana continue to be a burden. Many young people who have completed schools continue to search for jobs but to not avail.

Politicians have largely been blamed for their inability to provide jobs for the growing graduates in the country. The development has been a worry to former President John Dramani Mahama.

According to him the situation is currently at its highest peak in history under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

In a speech delivered at the graduation ceremony at the Academic City University College, the former Presidents indicated that the current unemployment rate in the country stands at 13%.

“We left the university gates and walked into ready jobs waiting for us. There was automatic posting if you wanted to go into teaching. Many of us were retained and absorbed into workplaces where we had been posted for National Service. Our colleagues who made first class were quickly snapped up by prestigious banks and private corporations like UAC, Lever Brothers, now Unilever, and Standard Chartered Bank as management trainees,” he indicated.

He adds the status quo has changed in recent times indicating “Fortunately, or unfortunately for you, the world is entirely different today. Climate change is creating forest fires in the northern hemisphere and pushing temperatures to historic highs. The coral reefs are dying; the polar ice is melting. Africa is facing either droughts or incessant flooding. The Sahara Dessert is drifting southward, threatening us with an ever-drier climate.”

He adds that the closure of banks by the current government and the challenges being faced by the economy have largely contributed to the current unemployment rate in the country.

“There are no ready jobs to absorb you. It may take years for you to find decent employment. There are cases of students who remain unemployed five years after completing university. Unemployment in Ghana is at its highest in history today, estimated at 13%. Our economy is in crisis. The closure of indigenous banks and the banking sector cleanout have led to the loss of several jobs.

He adds that graduates must as well find innovative means of securing themselves jobs to avoid being burdens in the society.

“A Debt Exchange Programme has led to massive haircuts, eroding the capital of Ghanaian entrepreneurs, the income of middle-class families and pensioners’ savings. Our democracy is at risk with confidence and trust in leadership at its lowest ebb. But it is not all doom and gloom for you. You have laptops and tablets with more extensive storage and are faster than any computer in our time. You have numerous search engines that put the world of knowledge at your fingertips. But best of all, you are not stepping out of an Ivory Tower,” he added.

The situation of unemployment continue to affect the growth of young people in Ghana. Many unemployed graduates are going through series of depression due to their inability to secure permanent jobs. Those who have good jobs are also suffering from low salaries.

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