Kennedy Agyapong reveals how he’ll use musicians to change Ghana in his first 100 days as president

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, an aspiring presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has revealed plans to change Ghana through patriotic songs. Speaking in an interview with Citi TV, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong indicated that the mindset of Ghanaians must first be changed if anyone wants to develop the country.

He adds that for many years, the mindset of Ghanaians have remained the same and that has been the reason why the country has not developed. He believes leaders over the years have failed to activate the any better strategy and that is why Ghana continue to fight corruption and other challenges holding things back.

He says, he will bring together musicians from different genre backgrounds to compose patriotic songs that will be played on all media spaces to ensure the mindsets of Ghanaians are changed. He says that will be achieved in his first hundred days as president.

“What I will do is I will bring all musicians together to let them come up with heroic songs and we will organize a concert like ‘we are the world’ [there will be] R&B, Highlife, Reggae, Gospel, we will all come together to play all these songs then after that we will give it to the media and schools to play for Ghanaians to be patriotic, honest and disciplined.” He indicated.

He believes if Ghanaians buy into the idea, a lot of things will change in the country. “I think we made a mistake by not changing the mindset of Ghanaians because if you want to fight corruption in this country, whatever decision you are coming out with, Ghanaians should be your partners, partners in the sense that you should educate Ghanaians to let them know this has gone wrong and we have to correct it and that if we don’t, it is not good for our country and development.” He added.

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