I’m seeking re-election because of my stellar record – Effia MP

Joseph Cudjoe, Member of Parliament for Effia in the Western Region says his works for the constituency are widespread such that even his contender is a beneficiary.

“My developmental footprints are everywhere. The roads in Effia are such that my contender can traverse on with such ease. He was able to pick a form and will submit it at a one story office complex that I built.”

“I’m I not magnanimous enough to the extent that, even those who seek to contest me are enjoying from my work. That’s the Men@work effect. That I don’t discriminate. I’m a unifier and that’s what makes all the difference. Come to think of it, is there any reason for a contest,” he asked

“But then again, it’s a demonstration that this great NPP party is a democratic, tolerant, all embracing and accommodating party. The party so says what should happen after every four years and that is exactly what is happening.”

Speaking to journalists, with the support of hundreds of delegates and party faithful at the party’s office, Joseph Cudjoe insisted that he has discharged his duties as an MP to the best of his abilities and with such a dispatch that “what I’ve done has emboldened me to pick and submit another form to ask for re-election.”

According to him he his supporters are matured, understands the demands of an election and will stay true to the tenets of a fair contest and will only campaign on “my good works”.

“In fact, they understand too well not to insult or denigrate anyone. But permit them to brag because their leader is a man of action, a man of his word and has evidence of work for Effia. So if my supporters brag, they have good reason and every right to do so.”

He continued: “It will be remiss on my part to say that I’ve have been able to solve all the problems of Effia. However, as I live and breathe I continue to strive for the best for Effia.

“This is why I will continue to implore delegates to give me their support again to continue what I’ve started. Thankfully, I’ve been able to endear myself to the powers that be and I can assure Effia of good times ahead.”

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