My decision to contest will be announced in 2024 – Ahanta West MP breaks silence on contesting again in 2024

Member of Parliament for Ahanta West Constituency in the Western Region, Ebenezer Kojo Kum has indicated that his decision to contest the seat again will depend on what happens in February 2023.

Speaking in an interview with Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson, the host of Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show, Mr. Ebenezer Kojo Kum indicated that he is currently fit and active carrying out his duties as a Member of Parliament.

The Member of Parliament has been indisposed for some time now. He is said to have suffered stroke which rendered him bedridden for some time. There have been rumors that he has written to the high hierarchy of the New Patriotic Party announcing his decision to step down as Member of Parliament for Ahanta West.

He dispelled the rumors and indicated that he was already on his way to parliament for the mid-year budget presentation.

‘As I speak with you, I’m already on my way to parliament to participate in the mid-year budget review reading. I’m very fit and have not written any letter to the NPP leadership that I want to resign as a member of parliament. Everybody should ignore those rumors because it is not true,” he indicated.

When asked if he will contest the seat again in 2024, the embattled MP indicated that the party will open nominations for sitting members of parliament in February and he will make his decision when the time is due.

“The party will open nominations for sitting members of parliament in February and I will make my decision when the time is up. We shall cross the bride when we get to it. Only medical doctors can decide if I’m fit or not and there is nothing to say to those keep saying I’m sick,” he added.

Some constituents in the Ahanta West Constituency have lamented on the slow level of development in the area and have blamed it on the MP’s condition.

Mr. Kojo Kum indicated that the constituency has seen a number of developmental projects over the years.


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