I now live a better life – Nurse who abandoned Ghana to UK shares glory

Stories of nurses leaving the country to abroad for better opportunities continue to be a challenge for the Ghana Health Service.

Many young nurses and doctors have abandoned sick people in the country for better salaries outside the country. Many of them have cited the poor remuneration in Ghana as the main cause of their relocation.

According to them, nurses are treated well abroad than Ghana. One of such nurses who is currently in the United Kingdom has shared her success story after she took the bold step to travel.

She told citinews in an interview that she had dreams of living on her salary to make life better in Ghana but the opposite was the case. She adds that life in Ghana as a nurse is difficult even after the salaries.

She indicates that a few years after relocating to the United Kingdom, she has been able to save a lot of money and her family are now living better lives. She urged colleague nurses in the country to grab opportunities and relocate for better salaries.

“You are paid based on shifts. So even if you are paid 15 pounds an hour and you work for 12 hours a day, four times a week, you multiply it that’s how much you earn. If I make 2800 pounds a month and I pay a tax of say 500 and pay my rent, I can still save around 800 pounds.” She added.

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