Financial support in Faroe Island for international students

The Faroe Island is part of the Denmark. Connected by road tunnels, the Faroe Island has many scholarship opportunities for international students.

However, many international students have no idea of such opportunities. Interestingly, acquiring Visa to the Faroe Island is easy.

This article put together by this website will concentrate on the scholarship opportunities available at the University of Faroe Island which offers DKK 3,000 to applicants from countries such as Iceland, Denmark, and Great Britain.

Applicants of the scholarship from Sweden, Finland and Norway are entitled to grants of up to DKK 4,000. Applicants from other countries will receive DKK 5,000 whilst student groups will receive lesser amounts for their studies.

Apart from the grants, other benefits including insurance and allowances are allocated to students.

Non-Faroese students who wants to pursue higher education in PhD and other research program can begin their application processes.

The official website of the University of Faroe Island will provide details of when application will be opened. Applicants must apply to study or embark on a research work at the University of Faroe Island with suitable project description.

Even though many applicants will be selected for the scholarship, those with quality project description and good academic performance will be considered first.

Applicants must also ensure that the scholarship can only be given out after arrival at the Faroe Island. Applicants must begin their searching processes to grab their slots before it is too late.


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