Fake lawyer arrested whilst defending client in court

There have been several instances where fake lawyers have been detected whilst defending cases in court. Most of these lawyers have been placed before the court and have either been jailed or received other forms of punishments. There have been several education on the issue but it appears many still fall victims to these lawyers.

One of such fake lawyers has been arrested at the Amasaman Circuit Court whilst defending a case. The 70 year old fake lawyer, identified as Nii Bi Griffiths Dodoo was defending a case when the judge ordered for his immediate arrests.

He was quickly sent to the Amasaman Divisional Police Headquarters after the registrar of the court with the help of warrant officers arrested him.

Whilst defending the case, it was revealed that Nii Bi Griffiths Dodoo was an imposter belonging to unlicensed law firm.

The Amasaman Divisional Police upon receiving him from the Court Registrar detained the 70-year-old on charges of impersonation and unlawful practice as a lawyer contrary to the Criminal Offence Act (Act 29) of 1960.

According to the police report on the matter, the “Court Registrar arrested to Amasaman Divisional Headquarters, a 70-year-old suspect Lawyer Nii Bi Griffiths Dodoo, dressed in a wig, a bib and gown with the help of Court warrant Officers on the orders of the Circuit Judge.

The suspect Lawyer had presented himself as the counsel for a defendant in Suit No. C1/33/2023 titled Rev. Dr. Samuel Adu VRS Nii Osabu Akwei 1. He presented his practice licence number as eGAR/02121/23 from DUAME , GEORGE AND ASSOCIATES With chamber No. ePP00217/23.

The report explained that the Judge ordered the arrest of Mr Nii Bii Griffiths Dodoo after perusing a document from the General Legal Council (GLC) dated July 23, 2023 and signed by the Secretary of the GLC, Justice Cynthia Pamela Addo telling the Court that Mr Griffiths Dodoo was not on the roll of lawyers and did not belong to a licensed law firm.

The Amasaman Divisional Police Command is currently investigating the matter as Mr Griffiths Dodoo is being prepared to face prosecution.



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