Asem Aba: Dampare to appear before parliament committee over leaked tape

Ghana’s Inspector General of Police, George Akufo Dampare is likely to appear before Parliament’s bi-partisan committee over a leaked audio which has since been making headlines in the country.

Some police officers implicated in the leaked audio have made their appearances to the committee. There have been various allegations and revelations from the tape probe over happenings in the Ghana Police Service under the leadership of George Akufo Dampare.

COP George Alex Mensah who appeared before the committee indicated that the current IGP is not managing the service well and as such many police officers are unhappy.

He went ahead to indicate that Dr George Akufo Dampare is the worse IGP in the history of Ghana Police Service.

Whilst concluding on his probe, COP George Alex Mensah indicated that the leaked tape was orchestrated by the IGP and hence the committee must ensure he is summoned to provide answers to the whereabouts of the original tape.

“My intel suggests that what was used to tape the conversation was done by the current IGP. He sent some people to do it and after which he went for it. And so the tape, from my intel, is with the IGP, and he caused it to be leaked. And so if this committee wants the tape, then it should contact the IGP for it,” He told the committee.

Responding in an interview with Citi news, Vice Chairman of the committee, James Agalga indicated that the Committee might invite the IGP over the revelations made.

“Bugri Naabu took responsibility for recording the tape. But today, COP Alex Mensah, gave the whole matter another twist. He is now alleging that the Inspector General of Police is the one who engineered the recording of the conversation. That is a very serious allegation to make. In all fairness to the IGP, the committee may have to invite him to assist in the investigation to determine if he actually played a role in the recording. So that when it turns out that, yes, indeed, he was involved in having the conversation recorded, then he could also help the committee with the authentication. What the committee is interested in is whether the tape in question is authentic or not.” He indicated

He adds that COP Alex Mensah has given the probe a new twist by indicating some aspects of the tape are not genuine and hence the IGP could be held before the committee.

“Bugri Naabu has already taken the lead by saying that he did the recording. Today you heard Alex Mensah say that aspects of the tape are not genuine. He admitted and took responsibility for some aspects of it. So I think that it’s only fair that before we make any conclusive statements as a committee, especially as the IGP’s name has been mentioned, in line with natural justice, we should hear from him. But that is my personal view for now,” Mr. Agalga added.

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