You’ve become pompous: Otumfuo’s powerful speech before destooling childhood friend

The king of the Asante Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has distooled his childhood friend who was a sub chief in one of the Ashanti towns. Nana Osei Tiri II was summoned before Otumfuo and his council to answer for disrespecting a ruling made by Otumfuo.

Otunfou was angry with the chief who had gone ahead to disrespect a ruling he made on a land litigation between the distooled chief and another.

In a video shared on the YouTube page of the Royal Palace MultiMedia, the Gyaasefuor presented the embattled destooled Nkonsonhene, Nana Osei Tiri II, before the Asanteman gathering who had gathered to rule the case.

Complainants in the case accused the distooled chief of disrespecting a ruling made by Otumfuo. The accused him  that despite Otumfuo’s ruling that a contested piece of land be off limits for the parties, the Nkonsonhene had flouted that rule and taken his people to go as far as starting to develop the land.

Otumfuo’s linguist who cross examined the Nkonsonhene established that the subchief had misconducted himself. His attempts to explain himself turned out to be insufficient leading to the decision to destool him.

In pronouncing on the matter, the Otumfuo said the Nkonsonhene had been derelict for some time failing to carry out basic rites of his office.

He alluded to his childhood friendship with the Nkonsonhene as part of the reason he was treating his stool with disdain before removing him from office.

“Kyidonhene is available but you were misconducting yourself. When Kyeame Duah was alive, I told you to go and solve the issues, he died long before Bonsu came in, till date you are litigating over a land. I am right?

“You came to meet Atenehene. I have overlooked you for too long. I was here with you since childhood and we are serving together, so you have become pompous. Yaw Duah, I have been here with you for long in service so you have become ungovernable.

“You are unable to carry out basic rites, you haven’t seen your stool for years now …. Today this day, you are destooled.”

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