Vote for him: Traditional leaders in Kwesimintsim want delegates to retain Dr Prince Hamid Armah

Chiefs of Adientem and Assakae in the Kwesimintsim Constituency in the Western Region have made a passionate appeal to delegates not to hesitate but vote and retain the Member of Parliament, Dr Prince Hamid Armah for him to continue addressing the myriad of developmental challenges in the area.

“There is no denying that, as traditional leaders we do not participate in politics. Unfortunately, we cannot also sit unconcerned for the wrong things to happen because when they do, we will have to bear the consequences.

Speaking on behalf of the two chiefs, at the launch of the campaign of Dr. Prince Hamid Armah themed “Breaking the 4 to break the 8, Nana Essoun Chief of Kwesimintsim noted that “it will be in our best interest to support the one who is already there to keep doing good for us than someone not known who will come and we have to start all over again.”

According to him, several examples bear testimony that Dr Prince Hamid Armah has performed creditably in the last four years and deserves to be retained.

“What we are seeing and hearing here today is ample evidence that Dr. Prince Hamid Armah is working. Even if you look at the brochure that was shared and cataloguing what he has done, which some of us can point to, nobody should tell you who Kwesimintsim’s best bet is for guaranteed and continuous development.

“Because we want the best for this constituency, it’s incumbent on us Nananom, to also support and speak for the one who can help us achieve the best, and it is glaring to all of us that Dr. Prince Hamid Armah stands tall in that regard.

“So, we wish that delegates vote to retain him.”

Kwesimintsim youth

One after the other, scores of Kwesimintsim youth who attended the campaign launch recounted how Dr Prince Hamid Armah has, through various initiatives, changed their fortunes.

They believe that a great misfortune will befall Kwesimintsim in terms of development should the delegates make the mistake of voting for someone else.

“Kwesimintsim has suffered long enough. Under Dr. Prince Hamid Armah we have seen remarkable progress, especially human development.

“Of course, he has not been able to solve the problems of all constituents, but you can see that he has a clear and practical vision of changing the fortunes of Kwesimintsim. So, ours is to offer him the needed support. We have pledged our allegiance to him because of what he has done for the youth. It behoves delegates to give him their trust once again.

“We firmly believe that whatever the delegates saw in him last four years for which they voted for him has not changed, so we plead that they do it again. Kwesimintsim is calling for Dr. Prince Hamid Armah, and we need to heed that call. Posterity will not be kind to us should we fail to give Kwesimintsim what it desires.”

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