University student mistaken for a thief, nearly lynched

A young student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) is currently battling for his life after he was mistaken for a thief by his fellow students.

The student whose name has been given as William Is said to have gone to other departments of the school for his normal errands when some students saw him. They had over the years suffered from unknown faces stealing the valuables from the hostel.

Due to this the students were on high alert to apprehend the thieves when William unknowingly was spotted around. Since he was new to the hostel, the angry students mistook him for a thief and subjected him to severe beatings.

According a UTV report, all attempts for the victim to reveal his identity proved futile. He was beaten mercilessly until he sustained severe injuries. He was quickly rushed to the regional hospital where he has since been receiving treatment.

In all, four student have been identifies as leaders of the attacks. One of them has since been arrested whilst the three are on the run. UTV report that the police are currently on the manhunt for the rest of the students who have since been declared wanted.

The issue of students molesting their colleagues have become rampant in some schools in the country recently.

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