Top Universities in UK offering free scholarships for nurses

There are many universities in the UK offering scholarships and financial support for nursing students. Applicants must however, note that availability of scholarships and their details change as time elapses.

It is therefore recommend that applicants check the official websites of these universities for the most up-to-date information. Here are some universities that have historically offered scholarships for nursing students:

 University of Edinburgh: The Nursing Studies Scholarships are available to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in nursing. These scholarships are based on academic merit and financial need.

University of Glasgow: The Nursing and Health Care School at the University of Glasgow has offered various scholarships for nursing students in the past. Scholarships are often based on academic performance and potential.

King’s College London: King’s College London has a history of offering scholarships for nursing students, including the Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarships and the King’s College London Undergraduate Nursing Scholarships.

University of Manchester: The University of Manchester has provided scholarships and bursaries to nursing students. These opportunities are generally based on academic achievement and financial circumstances.

University of Southampton: The University of Southampton has offered scholarships and grants for nursing students, such as the Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarships and other funding options.

University of Birmingham: This University has provided scholarships and financial support to nursing students in the past. Scholarships might be available for both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing programs.

University of Surrey: The University of Surrey has been known to offer scholarships to nursing students. These scholarships could be merit-based or need-based.

University of Nottingham: The University of Nottingham has offered scholarships and financial assistance to nursing students pursuing various nursing programs.

Applicants can as well explore government-funded schemes, professional nursing associations, and charitable foundations that might offer scholarships or financial support for nursing students.

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