Tech schools in China offering tuition free scholarships

China’s growing technological needs require training of more human resources around the world. There are many institutions in China where scholarships are provided for international students interested in studying various courses in technology.

Interested student from all over the world are being invited to apply for scholarships in China.

Here are some of the tech schools in China that offer free scholarships

– Peking University: This university is ranked second in China and offers fully funded scholarships for outstanding foreign students. The scholarship covers partial or full tuition, living stipend, accommodation subsidies and medical insurance.

– University of Science and Technology of China (USTC): This university offers the USTC Scholarship program, which covers tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses during the study period. It also provides round-trip airfare for international students who live abroad.

– Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU): This university offers the NPU President Scholarship, which is a full-tuition award given to students who demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership qualities and a commitment to serving their community.

– Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT): This university offers the HIT Outstanding Enrolled International Students Scholarship, which is awarded to international students enrolled in HIT. It aims to support outstanding students who have achieved excellent academic results and demonstrated leadership skills in their studies.

– Zhengzhou University: This university offers the Zhengzhou University President Scholarship, which is an annual scholarship offered to students who apply for the doctoral program at Zhengzhou University. It is given to students with outstanding academic performance, good moral character and excellent extracurricular activities.

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