Showdown: Dampare to grill COP Alex Mensah in committee hearing

It appears Ghanaians would have to brace themselves for interesting times ahead at the committee hearing the leaked taped involving some senior police officers and former New Patriotic Party Chairman for Northern Region, Bugri Naabu.

Chairman of the Committee, Samuel Atta Akyea has hinted that they are considering allowing the witnesses in the leaked tape to cross-examine themselves.

He told Citi news in an interview that since the witnesses are all available, it would only be prudent to allow them to ask all the relevant questions. He adds that the probe has been based on one accusation after the other and it is only fair to allow them to ask themselves questions.

“We are looking at it critically. “Why not, at the end of the day here you are for the first time you are facing your accuser. What questions do you want to ask your accuser? And who will run away from the one who is trying to embarrass him without asking him very pertinent questions which will inure to his innocence.” He indicated.

He added that witnesses with counter evidences would also be asked to bring them onboard for the committee to be able to bring the probe to a conclusion.

“So these are the areas that we are looking at critically and then we might want to say that well go ahead and ask him all the questions in the world and when you have any counter-viewing evidence bring it across,” he added.

The committee has also indicated that Bugri Naabu and the interior minister will be made to reappear before the committee.

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