Scholarships offered by Boston University for International Students

The Boston University, one of the private universities in New England is popular for the various achievements it has made over the years.

The University offer various courses for all forms of students across the world. Some of these courses are expensive but the university has sin its wisdom made available scholarship opportunities for students who are unable to afford fees paying to apply.

Here are some of the scholarships offered by Boston University for international students
– Trustee Scholarship:
A full tuition scholarship for undergraduate students who meet the eligibility requirements.

– Presidential Scholarship:
A partial scholarship offering $25,000 in tuition fees for international students.

– Graduate Assistantships:
Partial funding for international students pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree.

– Doctoral Funding:
A full funding scholarship for PhD students.

– William V. Shannon Memorial Fellowship:
A full tuition scholarship for Master’s and PhD students.

– Lu Lingzi Scholarship:
A full funding scholarship for Master’s students.

Please note that these scholarships are competitive and have limited slots available. Also, note that the eligibility requirements and application deadlines may vary depending on the scholarship.

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