MLGWUI raises concern over recent political instability in Africa

Migrant Labor General Workers Union (MLGWU) has raised concerns about the recent coup d’états growing prominence on the African continent. In a statement signed by its General Secretary Justice Baako Ntarmah  indicated that the political instability is having serious consequences on its members. he says whilst migrants are trying to secure employment, the continent has become unwelcoming due to political instability.

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Considering the recent political instability happenings and escalation in Africa, lack of decent employment opportunities and lack of funding/partnering organisations to partner with the Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union International (MLGWUI) in business skills and coaching training for Migrants, Returned Migrants and Potential Migrants with financial grants or loan by financial institutions especially in Ghana where almost one-third of 2019-2023 years of Returnees have decided to retry or re-migrate by any possible means.  A few Returnees Business Skills and Coaching Trainees have already made retry to respective destinations to seek greener pasture due to lack of financial support or equipment grant to enable them establish their own businesses as Migrant or Returnee Entrepreneurs.

This becomes worrisome for the migrant humanitarian and trade union organisation, MLGWUI in maintaining its members in Ghana and Africa as part of the union efforts to play role its quota for economic and development in the country Ghana and Africa as continent as part of reducing unemployment challenges.  Because if Migrants, Returned Migrants and Potential Migrants are able to acquire business skills and coaching training with financial support or find decent work, they would be able to live peaceful, take care of their families and pay taxes towards the economic and development of the country Ghana and Africa as whole.

However, current political instability situation in Africa becomes a threat to African Migrants and Citizens especially youth of which if the African Union delays to find stable and harmonious solution to the continent situation, African citizens would resort to labor migration and political asylum seeking in other continents including Europe through irregular, unethical and disastrous manner.  Because there might no security and peace in the African integrating host refugee neighboring countries.

Also, there is tendency for politicians to use youth militant group(s) because current political situation in Africa, if a concrete solution is not immediately taken, it could be a prone to a growing militancy among unemployed youth.

Current Coup d’états in Africa severely affected Migrant Workers and Members of their Families especially Gender in Migration; women migrants and children are most vulnerable and many of them who were breadwinners become refugees while children education becomes discontinued and therefore need urgently humanitarian, employment and education support in various host refugee countries.

There are various challenges in Labour Migration to Europe and other continents, hence MLGWUI resorts to ensure African Migrants, Returnees as well as Potential and Refugees receive employable business skills and coaching training to work with decent conditions not only taking caring of their families but also contribute immensely towards the development in Africa.

It is on the observations, that the Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union International (MLGWUI) with her education-legal-counselling department, Finnish-French Migrant Centre (FFMRC) made this Statement, humble appealing to the African Union and Heads of African State to consider present lives and living of Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, Returnees, Refugees and Citizens and also fulfill their political propaganda or ambitions or promises in order to maintain peace and stability continent with decent employment for the African citizens taking into consideration of Migration for Development in Africa with AU Migration Policy Framework for Africa and Plan of Action (2018-2030). This will achieve an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa to make AU Agenda 2060 possible.

MLGWUI believes militaries are well trained with intelligence and they understand peace and security for nations.  Militaries do not want Coup d’État.  However, recent military intelligent actions proved that it is because of abuse of political powers that debars democracy, provoking utterances and unfulfilled political propaganda and promises by some African politicians led military action.

However, despite above stated understanding side of military action, MLGWUI says NO to Military Regime in Africa but YES to Democracy in Africa.

MLGWUI therefore concludes this Statement as follows:

  1. MLGWUI calls on African Union to liaise with international communities and religious institutions to mobilize sustainable support to support affected Migrant Workers and Members of the Families as well as citizens in Coup d’état and Refugees in host countries;
  2. MLGWUI urges African political presidential aspirants and political activists to be careful of their utterances towards judiciary and national security especially in Ghana;
  3. MLGWUI humbly suggests to AU to engage with religious leaders for moral and prayer support to addressing or preventing Coup d’état from African continent;
  4. MLGWUI says NO to Military Regime in Africa but YES to Democracy in Africa;
  5. MLGWUI urges all Migrants to desist from any proposed or forced political militancy intimidation; and
  6. MLGWUI appeals to disaster agencies, internal and international organizations to embracing Displaced Persons and affected Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families and Citizens and offer them Psychosocial Counselling with needed assistance at their various centers of host countries or communities.


Justice Baako NTARMAH



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