Mawusi blasts MOGMusic for violating contract with Praise Cymbals

Takoradi based entertainment pundit, William Mawusi Dotse has thrown pouches at MOGMusic for failing to fulfil his part of a contract signed with Praise Cymbals. MOGMusic had agreed to perform at a program organized by Praise Cymbals in Takoradi.

He had taken part of the fees agreed with the organizers going ahead to book hotels and venue for the musician. However, he failed to show up on the day of the event. William Mawusi Dotse in a write up indicated that MOGMusic must face the laws of the country for failing to fulfil his part of the agreement.

Read his full statement below

The unfortunate Issue ⚠️

MOGMusic not showing up and giving last-minute excuses was uncalled for. People should stop saying the issue has been resolved, it’s not what we are hearing.

We all know and understand that if you are booked outside your jurisdiction (Accra), you always want to visit your Sunday morning service before so it puts anybody booking you in a tight corner of booking a flight for you and your team.

I don’t get it when musicians want to play smart on an event organizer, especially if the event is outside Accra.

I sometimes blame ourselves because it seems like if these Big names we know don’t come for our event, it will never be successful and so we are forced to look for a huge budget to book their flight, hotel accommodation, and appearance fees (THANK YOU SEED) like 20,000 to 30,000 to pay to make the people “feel okay”, God will now appear to them.

This whole Praise Cymbals MOG saga is making me sick in my head.

Read this from their Statement
” 1. We had an agreement in place and even paid him the commitment fee.
2. We had even booked a flight for him and two members of his team.
3. The Raybow Hotel Takoradi was secured for them.

He later said he wanted to pass through Adom praise before coming, and upon our deliberations, we came to an agreement that he would come by car and arrive by 9:00 p.m. As such, we had to delay the start of the program to offer him ample time.
On the said day, his manager called at 5.30 p.m. to say that they had set off. The same person then called and claimed that MOG had been admitted to the hospital.
We then agreed they send a video to show his state so the audience could empathize. The ‘said video’ never came.”

I think MOG Music management did not treat Praise Cymbals fairly and respect that was given to them.

You do this and later give the excuse that you were not feeling well, why didn’t you send the video that was demanded by the organizers?

Who should pay for the bills, Flight tickets for three, and the accommodation plus feeding?

My Advice to organizers of Drasincpo (Praise Cymbals)

You shouldn’t allow this to slide if only you want your money back. Seek legal advice and don’t let any Leader use their leadership positions to tell you we are all Christians. They should help you with their influence to take your money back instead.

My Advice to MOG Management

To settle this issue, there has to be a written document agreeing to compensate them with a free performance next year with some conditions ( they paying for your in and out with accommodation, or the other way around).
I believe this will calm tempers and both brand will safe from brand damage.

It is better to tackle the issue properly than to be crying within us.

Thank you.

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