Leader of small scale miners task force shot, key suspect bolt

Commanding Officer of the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners Association Taskforce, Major Don Chebe has been shot in the Asamang forest of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Information available to this portal indicates that the crime was committed by one Danso, a community miner who has gained notoriety in the area.

The taskforce upon intelligence gathered stormed the forest to clamp down on illegal miners who had taken over.

Their mission was to stop the illegal miners from causing damage to the forest. The taskforce had made some arrest and were in the process of taking them into custody when Danso and another accomplice appeared armed.

They prevented the taskforce from taking the illegal miners to custody and that led to the gunshot exchanges. Danso and his accomplice approached the taskforce but they were overpowered and disarmed.

The taskforce were however caught off-guard when Danso brought out a pistol concealed under his shirt and shot Patrick Don-Chebe in the ribcage at close range.

Danso and his accomplice, Joe, on the other hand, were able to depart the scene while members of the taskforce rushed to assist their commander.

The victim was rushed to the Kibi government hospital for treatment.

Medical officers who were attending to him quickly referred him to the 37 military hospital in an ambulance, where he was immediately operated on.

After an official report was filed at the police station, the accomplice, Joe was apprehended.

Danson, on the other hand, fled the scene and has been on the run ever since.

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