EFfia MP cut sod for 12unit school block 48hrs after electoral defeat

Joseph Cudjoe, Member of Parliament for Effia in the Western Region, solemnly pledges his unwavering commitment to continue his vision to work assiduously to transform Effia into a model constituency.

He owes his transformation from a young and ambitious boy to now a Member of Parliament and a Minister of State to Effia and insisted that “nothing will ever make me turn my back on them.”

Joseph Cudjoe pledged when he cut sod for work to begin on a 12-unit classroom block with a 6-unit sanitary facility at the Effia Methodist School.

The Member of Parliament recalled his days as the assistant school prefect of the Effia Methodist Primary School, where “we had to be loaded up in one classroom” a situation as young as he was, saw as a “disincentive to an interactive teaching and teaching” and therefore pledged to ensure that “a time will come where there will be enough classrooms to take fewer students.”

“I cannot stress enough the importance of education and the benefits thereof. Indeed, at the heart of the development strides of countries like the USA and UK is the level of investment towards education. So, it is imperative that we all prioritise education.”

“And just as a Member of Parliament and a Minister of State was produced here at the Effia Methodist School, I hope out of this 12-unit complex will come another great Statesman.”

Municipal Director of Education Kate Biney applauded Joseph Cudjoe and expressed the confidence that, when completed, the project will contribute to reducing the student-per-classroom ratio challenge for effective teaching and learning.

The 12-unit classroom block, with a 6-unit sanitary facility, is expected to be completed by the end of this year and “I will be happy to see it put to use before I leave office.”

Joseph Cudjoe loses re-election bid

The sod-cutting ceremony by Joseph Cudjoe comes barely 48 hours after he lost his parliamentary primaries.

At an end-of-year media engagement, he listed a litany of projects and initiatives earmarked for 2024, including three Astroturf pitches – one he has already cut sod for construction – bursaries and several entrepreneurial and apprenticeship schemes.

Responding to a question on whether the loss will make him back down on his work plan for 2024, Joseph Cudjoe said nothing will change.

“Until a new MP sworn in, I remain the parliamentary representative for Effia. I swore an oath to work on their behalf to attract the necessary development, a mandate I believe I have carried out diligently.

“I wanted to do more. Unfortunately, my party delegates think otherwise. I respect and have accepted their decision.

When asked whether he has reached out to the winner of the parliamentary primaries, Lawyer Yaw Boamah-Nyarko, the Member of Parliament, indicated, “I sent him a congratulatory message and to date he hasn’t replied.”

Nevertheless, Joseph Cudjoe affirmed: “I will support the new candidate to ensure that NPP’s votes are protected and the seat retained at all cost.”

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