Differences Between Agents for Buyers and Sellers in US 2024

A buyer’s agent and a listing agent vary primarily in that they represent different interests. While both agents seek the best possible outcome for their customers, the listing agent works on behalf of the seller, while the buyer’s agent represents the buyer.

What is a seller’s agent or a listing agent?
A seller’s agent is a real estate professional (a Realtor, a real estate agent or a real estate broker) who helps prepare and list a property for sale (the latter being the reason they’re also known as listing agents). They represent the person selling a property and must work in their best interests.

What is Agents for Buyers
A buyer’s agent is often referred to as a selling agent after a home’s in contract, because, by producing a purchaser, they caused it to sell. So, while they sound almost identical, be careful not to confuse a seller’s agent with a selling agent.

Seller’s Agent Responsibilities
– Give the seller an initial home consultation where they do a full walk-through and provide their opinion of the home’s value
– Provide referrals for contractors to perform suggested updates
– Help stage the property
– Develop marketing materials and a professional website showcasing the property
– Host open houses and private showings of the home
– Coordinate communication between the title officer, seller and buyer so that there are no surprises at the closing table
– Make sure the seller has the correct closing documents and understands what they say

Buyer’s Agent Responsibilities
– Help buyers understand the local housing market
– Make appointments to tour homes and, if needed, drive buyers to these appointments
– Help buyers evaluate the price and value of a home before making an offer
– Explain the standard offer form and provide advice on asking for contingencies
– Recommend trusted home inspectors
– Participate in communication with the selling agent and other parties to ensure the home purchase stays on track

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