Deep Secret out: How OSP discovered millions of dollars and Cedis in Cecilia Dapaah’s bank accounts 

The issue of several millions of dollars and Ghana cedis missing from the house of former Minister of Sanitation Cecilia Dapaah has taken another stage.

Soon after the issue was announced in the media, the office of the special prosecutor stormed the homes of Cecilia Dapaah with some officers to conduct a search and further investigations.

Soon after the search, TV3 reported that several hours were used in counting several millions of monies in her house. As many were contemplating on how to verify the story put out by TV3, another report surfaced. The report indicates that the office of the Special Prosecutor has commenced processes to have several bank accounts of Cecilia Dapaah frozen.

The report adds that several millions of United States dollars and Ghana were found sitting in those accounts belonging to the former Minister. It adds that monies were also found in other homes of the minister.

The office of the specs prosecutor has since filed a case at the court to formally seek permission to freeze the account. Even though the office of the special prosecutor has the power to freeze the account, it will still need confirmation from the court to continue.

Cecilia Dapaah has been in the spotlight for some time now. She is currently in court seeking to retrieve monies stolen from her house by her house helps. The case is currently in court but Ghanaians keep asking why a minister of state could have such monies at her home.

The move by the special prosecutor is to ensure thorough investigations are conducted to unravel the true sources of her wealth.

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