Chief Justice fires judge for having affair with petitioner in a divorce case, causing her arrest

The Chief Justice, Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo, has sacked the Circuit Court Judge for Jasikan, Alfred Kwabena Asiedu for indulging in immoral act which is a direct opposite of what the laws state.

The action of the Chief justice was as a result of a decision taken by the Judicial Council after thorough investigations into the act.

In a letter dated November 13, 2023, the Chief Justice noted that her decision comes on the back of a disciplinary committee report which established allegations of abuse of power, malicious prosecution and impropriety against the judge.

“I write with reference to the petition of abuse of power, s3xual exploitation, malicious prosecution and impropriety against you, received from one Singari Diana Sadia, dated 16th January 2023.

“In line with the Disciplinary Procedures of the Service, you were invited to appear before the Disciplinary Committee of the Judicial Council, which had been mandated to investigate the allegations against you.

“The Disciplinary Committee, after investigating the above-mentioned matter, found that you misconducted yourself as a Judge as there was ample evidence that you were involved in an improper relationship with the Petitioner, who had a Divorce case pending before you. The Disciplinary Committee also established the allegation of abuse of power and malicious prosecution against you as you were found to have caused the arrest and prosecution of the Petitioner without justification. The Disciplinary Committee consequently recommended that you should be dismissed,” the letter said.

The letter noted that having established the allegation against the judge, the Judicial Council in a meeting on October 25, 2023, agreed that his conduct indeed amounted to misbehaviour and subsequently resolved unanimously in line with Article 151 (1) of the 1992 Constitution for his dismissal.

“You are therefore removed from Office as a Circuit Court Judge, with immediate effect. You are directed to hand over all official properties in you: possession, including your official vehicle, Dockets and Record Books to the Judicial Secretary forthwith.

“By a copy of this letter, the Director of Human Resource is requested to ensure that your name is deleted from the payroll of the Service with immediate effect,“ the Chief Justice ordered.


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