Celebrities & Netizens React To Dr Bawumia’s Latest Campaign Promise Of Using Ghana Card To Buy Cars On Credit

As every contender prepares for the general elections in 2024, the pressure is on. This applies not just to the presidential candidates but also to all other politicians running for other offices. As a result, they are all attempting to leave an impact with their impromptu campaigns and electoral pledges that have recently generated conversation.

Not just that, the verbal attacks on each other are becoming increasingly concerning at the moment. The recent one witnessed was Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia who is the presidential flag bearer for the ruling party, New Patriotic Party (NPP) countering John Mahama’s 24-hour Economy Policy.

This back and forth has been going on between the top candidates gunning for the main seat which is the Presidency! In a recent campaign promise made by Dr Mahamudu Bawumia while addressing the 57th Congregation of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

The VP said that he would make it possible for Ghanaians to use their Ghana card to buy cars on credit and pay by instalment. He added that this idea is part of the digitalization processes going on in Ghana at the moment. He also said discussions about this new initiative are ongoing with different automobile companies in Ghana to start the program. He also spoke about credit scoring, read an excerpt below:

” The Ghana Card will serve as the cornerstone for a credit system in Ghana, with plans for selected car manufacturers, particularly Solar Taxi, to offer cars on credit to individuals.

Ghana will be implementing a credit scoring system for individuals next year. Every individual will be assigned a credit score. Currently, our credit scoring system is non-existent, leading to perceptions of risk. This initiative will change that. ”

Speaking further, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said the Ghana card is going to be the only thing required of an individual to buy cars and make payment by instalment overtime. This latest campaign promise by the VP has caused lots of reactions among Ghanaians, including celebrities. Strangely, the majority of them are finding it funny because the comment section was filled with laughing emoji.

Many are also calling him a comedian and a delusional man. Two public figures who commented on this are, the Ghanaian veteran actress, Christiana Awumi, who outrightly called him a liar after three exclamations of ‘ eiiiii’. Actress, musician, and entrepreneur, Kisa Gbekle found the initiative very funny that she used laughing emoji to express herself. However, some Ghanaian Netizens were able to put their emotions into words. Read a few comments below:

” @christiana_awuni: Eiiiii eiiiiii eiiiiiiiiiii, wobowaaaaaa. ”

” @brown_g346: But sincerely this man is a joker o a swear how he dey see Ghanaians safe? ”

” @flexosei: When our rivers and lakes are getting destroyed or polluted, what are you saying about that big H. E. AD”

” @eshun_lucy78: You people will start to make us use Ghana card before we can drink water. ”

” @_. nii. dromo: Just imagine you go to a showroom and they’ re like ” sorry your Ghana card doesn’ t cover this Benz C350″ , just like it is for the NHIS card. ”

” @its. micwil_bossin_up: Kwasia, this made me laugh. The cars are owned by the government or whose cars? ”

” @kingdom_of_many: How do they see we Ghanaians? It’ s not even funny, to be honest. We need to wise up. Such inferior promises. ”

” @drelonyoung: Na his car garage we go take our Ghana card come buy cars on credit or what? ”

‘ @bigman_joey: The biggest mistake I will never do again is to be in a queue to vote for someone. ”

” @its_juu. bae: Yie! Agye g))n ooo0 Samira our wife, we beg lock him up at home for some time for us Biko. ”

” @henna_naa1: This man is a top notch, a very big congratulations to our only comedian. “

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