Career opportunities available in Canada for Master’s in Communication Students

Finding a job after pursuing Master in Communication can be challenging in the modern world where artificial intelligence is gaining prominence.

Many companies are as well unable to employ many graduates in the Communication field since the slot are reserved for a few persons.

There are however many jobs available in countries such as Canada. The presence of Artificial intelligence has not in any way prevented human workforce in Canada.

Below are some career opportunities available in Canada.


– Journalist: Researches, writes and edits stories for print and online media.

– Editor: Reviews, copy edits and proofreads written content.

– Digital marketer: Builds e-commerce platforms, increases website traffic and improves engagement on social media channels.

– Media manager: Oversees the production, promotion and distribution of an organization’s media content.

– Marketing executive: Develops and handles an organization’s marketing campaigns.

– Presenter: Creates and delivers news, sports and entertainment content.

– Publicist: Manages the image and reputation of clients.

– Location manager: Sources and books venues for film projects.

– Event manager: Organizes events, such as conferences, meetings, exhibitions and festivals.

– Web content specialist: Plans, organizes, creates and publishes content for an organization’s website.

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