Bawumia is a unifier – Rt. Rev. Prof. Mante

Rt. Rev. Professor Obiri Yeboah, the outgoing moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has praised the unifying character exhibited by Ghana’s vice President Dr. Mahamdu Bawumia.

He indicates that the character of the vice president is one that brings together both Muslims and Christians.

In a speech at the closing session of the 23rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Ramseyer Congregation at Abetifi Kwahu, Rev. Prof. Mante indicated that the entire country is grateful to have Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia as the vice President.

He indicates that he one day noticed Dr. Bawumia singing Christian hymns. “One day at one of our events like this I was standing by the Vice President Bawumia and surprisingly he sung all the lines of a hymn we were singing.

So I asked him how did you learn all of these, and he responded that I used to be a member of the Methodist Boys Brigade when I was young. I don’t know if he finally became an officer, but I think he is more than a Muslim. I think Vice President Bawumia is a Muslim-Christian.” He indicated.

The closing session of the 23rd General Assembly was attended by many high profile personalities from academia, and politics.

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