Alan K. will be a spoiler candidate in the 2024 election – Sammy Crabbe

A former second vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Sammy Crabbe has indicated that the decision by Alan Kyerematen to contest the 2024 election as an independent candidate will cause a major stir.

He indicates that Alan Kyerematen may no win the election in 2024 but the country’s political terrene will be shaken with his presence.

He told Citi TV that Alan Kyerematen currently faces challenges in trying to mobilize support for his course and will find it difficult to win the election as president.

“It is not easy to organise a political movement and I think he will face a lot of challenges in putting together a machinery that can come up against the NPP and the NDC and that is going to be extremely difficult. I have been in politics for years and I know how those machineries are effective. They are juggernauts, and I am not too concerned about Alan winning the elections.” He indicated.

He added that Alan Kyerematen knows the 2024 election is not for him to win but he is a spoiler candidate. He says the major political parties should look out for Alan Kyerematen as the spoiler candidate.

“Seriously speaking, if you were to have Alan in a private conversation, he would tell you he does not expect to win the general elections. I don’t think he expects to win, he is the spoiler candidate that we should be looking out for. It is the spoiler effect that I am concerned about.” He added.

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